Popular Patio Canopies
Buying a home is a big investment.  It's not just in the initial cash outlay and the years of mortgage payments.  Most homeowners spend years, and countless dollars, on home improvements.

There is always something to fix, and something to fix up, both inside and outside of the home.  Home improvement projects can increase the beauty and function of a home, and many can actually add to the home's value.  For many people, particularly working families, a home as a primary investment.  A person's home may also serve as a yardstick to measure one's social status.  How friends and acquaintances view the home can directly determine how they see the judge those living within.  For this reason, a great deal of effort is spent on making homes beautiful and functional, while keeping these improvements within a set budget.

When it comes to improving the exterior of a home, patio canopies are a very popular choice.  Contractors building new homes, and renovators working on existing homes, choose patio canopies for their function and beauty.

Patio canopies are available in a variety of different materials.  This is to allow for varying climates, temperatures and precipitation.  A home in Arizona, for instance, would require a different patio canopy that a house built on the Vancouver coastline.  Manufacturers have created patio canopies with waterproof systems, complete with roof tensioning and other features to prevent water buildup.  Many manufacturers create their patio canopies to meet specific needs.  If you are thinking of ordering a custom-made canopy, be prepared to wait for three to four weeks for delivery.

Patio canopies are fantastic add-ons to homes with swimming pools, backyard decks and other large outdoor areas that are exposed to the elements.  These canopies can be attached to an existing home patio, or set up as a stand-alone unit to extend the usability of your outdoor space.  Many patio canopies are made of steel to retain their flexibility and retraction.  Sometimes, screen attachments are incorporated to increase outdoor living space even more.

Outdoor patio canopies can easily turn a wide-open deck into an extension of the house, or create a new room providing more comfort and a living space.  There are many patio canopies on today's market.  Here are some of the most popular choices:

Arch Roof Portable Patio Canopy
This roomy (10' x 20') unit is as elegant as it is durable.  The heavy-duty frame is made of twenty-gauge steel, 1-3/8 in outside diameter, and finished with a clean, white powder coating.  The white cover has drawstring sides that match the design of the frame and create a sophisticated setting for any outdoor affair, day or night.  The pipes feature plastic footpads to protect the surface of your deck or patio.   It's beautiful and functional, and just $249.

EZ UP Escort Instant Shelter
Perfect for impromptu lawn parties and patios, this easy to use canopy is ready when you are.  The one-person set-up is fast and simple.  The frame is powder-coated for lasting protection from rust, and the canopy is made of durable textured polyester.  The entire package contains everything you need to set it up, includes frame, top, stakes and more.

Legend Steel Canopies by California Canopies

This popular company manufactures easy-to-install and economical canopies.  The lightweight powder-coated steel frame is one piece.  The top is fire treated and is water and UV resistant.   There are six colors and three standard sizes.  The Legend steel canopy is priced as follows:
5' x 5':  $239
8' x 8': $269
10' x 10': $299

At under $300, it's easy to see why so many people are choosing patio canopies as easy home improvement investments.  Patio canopies are an inexpensive way to add beauty and square footage to your living space.